Top 9 reasons for Joining M.A.H.

There are countless reasons for joining a community focused and effective organization like ours, here are the Top 9 Reasons for joining Men Aiming Higher.

1) Your M.A.H. can be a strong force in the community helping to fight such community problems as drug abuse, teenage pregnancy, AIDS, illiteracy, and voter registration.  The skills you develop on the job can be invaluable in promoting community activities through this organization.

2) Every year M.A.H. sponsors a Youth Empowerment Summit which brings together local and national leaders and experts from around the country to address the needs of our youth.  The summit is a unique experience for our youth and parents, providing you an exposure to issues often overlooked in your day-to-day life.

3) M.A.H. speaks out on issues affecting our young people, and is working with state and local government about issues that affect the growth and development of our youth.

4) By becoming a member of M.A.H., you are becoming a part of an organization that includes people from all walks of life.  The Youth Empowerment Summit provides opportunities to meet experts from around the country, employers, and pick up information and resources that can help you professionally and in your personal growth.

5) We can accomplish together what you cannot do alone.  With M.A.H. you can work towards your goals with people who have similar goals.  You can do something about the institutional and socioeconomic problems you face in your community.  You can use your skills and talents in a setting in which they are needed.

6) M.A.H. keeps you up to date with the latest development affecting our community.  We publish monthly bulletins, and quarterly newsletters.

7) Each year M.A.H. gives out awards to those who have made a major contribution to the goals and objectives of the organization.  These awards set role models for excellence within our community.

8) M.A.H. can be an excellent resource for help and counsel.

9) M.A.H. is the chance you have been waiting for to step up and take your place within the community.  To be a part of the fast-moving events that affect your world as a citizen.  You need an organization like M.A.H. that can voice your concerns and views.  If you are concerned about education, health & wellness and economic development then you should consider joining M.A.H.