Bylaws Committee

  • Ensure that the bylaws conform with and have no conflict with the constitution of the organization.
  • Review amendments to the bylaws and report recommendations to the board.


Membership Committee 

  • Develop and implement an on-going membership program which will be directed to everyone.
  • Maintain an up-date roster of all members.
  • Provide membership package to all new members.


Program and Planning Committee 

  • Responsible for developing a comprehensive and on-going educational program to address areas of concern (not limited to workshops, seminars and guest speakers at board meetings).
  • Responsible for preparing written reports of organization activities to the board on a biannual basis.
  • Responsible for maintaining a calendar of events.


Fundraising Committee

  • Develop and implement approved plans to raise funds for MAH activities.


Mentoring Committee 

  • Group life skill sessions and enrichment activities to expose youths to career choices, life goals and examples of good citizenship; and mentorship that provides youths with men who can share life experiences and otherwise offer themselves as good role models.


Health Education & Awareness Committee 

  • To raise awareness, provide access to health care and health information that will ultimately promote behavior change resulting in a healthier lifestyle.


Economic Development Committee

  • To educate the community on fundamental financial concepts and the strategies to effectively manage both personal and business finances, and ultimately create sustainable wealth.
  • To continue building partnerships and collaborations with corporations, foundations and other public/private organizations that will enhance and strengthen programs.


Technology & Communications Committee

  • Quarterly Newsletters.
  • Promote a positive media impact in our workplace and in the community by sharing our newsletters with our members and leaders in the community.
  • Work with the local media to help promote the positive things that Men Aiming Higher is doing in and for the community, this is done by committee chairs submitting articles and posting to the communication chair.
  • Support Men Aiming Higher by sharing its stories with the community.
  • Social Networks (twitter, facebook, etc.)
  • Youtube/Vimeo
  • Photo’s of meetings and events.
  • Send out periodic Newsflashes to our members discussing issues that may affect us and the community.
  • Support the other committee’s during the Annual Summit.