Join M.A.H.

Joining Men Aiming Higher, Inc.

Members of Men Aiming Higher (M.A.H.) are called to a higher standard of commitment and excellence. We are mentors, teachers, friends, coaches, supporters and other professional role models. Though initially founded by our President, Darryl Barnes, as a group comprised strictly of gentlemen, we have grown to a co-ed organization with a membership comprised of both men and women. By becoming a member you are committing to help address the stark hunger in our community for leadership and character building in our communities youth.

Please read the “Top 9 reasons for Joining” and then decide how you can best help us achieve our vision of empowerment and self-sufficiency. If interested please contact us to discuss joining today.

If you prefer not to join just yet, you can still help by choosing to donate or volunteer.

For additional questions about membership, please send email to